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FNF Campus Tour Stop at East Lake Leads to a Win

2017, Florida

Staff Report

FNF Magazine held its third Campus Tour stop of the year at East Lake High on Oct. 20. More than 450 fans attended the game between East Lake High and St. Pete, which the home side won 30-11.

FNF and the US Army set up a table inside the stadium and passed along information on the March 2 Success program. They also provided fans with plenty of give-aways in the form of t-shirts, swag bags and gear. The Blue Crush fan zone was showered with US Army t-shirts which the US Army recruiters launched into the stands with a t-shirt gun.

James Hassell won the FNF Campus Tour contest, and a swag bag provided by the US Army. Hassell then challenged Sgt. Tunis to a push-up contest, which proved to be a bad idea. Tunis won handily.

Earlier that day, FNF hosted a luncheon for educators at East Lake High. The US Army recruiters shared the benefits of the March 2 Success program, with the idea that teachers will then pass along that information to their students.

Thank you to East Lake High for participating in the FNF Campus Tour.



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