FNF Campus Tour

Connect to the Community

The Friday Night Football Campus Tour is an event marketing program that connects companies with high school students, families and fans during Friday night football games.

Campus Tour Overview

  • Each tour consists of 8-10 games per market
  • Tours features rivalry games, which are popular match-ups
  • Sponsors can determine tour stops
  • Contests and sampling are executed at each game
  • Tour set up includes interactive games with prizes for fans
  • Tour also includes P.A. announcements, banners and signage

Interactive & Engaging

Each game on the tour is tailored to its audience and specializes in getting the fans involved.

Halftime Promotions

Game-specific or tour-wide promotion by sponsors for fans done as halftime entertainment.


Our tour is also known as the “free stuff tour.” Fans leave the game with big smiles on their faces.


Pump up the school by providing a game day feast for teachers and administrators.


Each school will make P.A. announcements promoting the tour and sponsors. Print and radio advertising is also available.


Before or after the game, the FNF team can make a special presentation in front of the fans.

National, Regional and Local Partners

The Friday Night Football Campus Tour connects companies with high school communities. Here is a sampling of past and current partners.


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